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Hello again, still remember about this diary

2018/09/08 22:49
Good evening.
First of all, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I could still remember how to log in to this page after the two year blank period.
Secondly, I am living in Australia and working mostly, but having a peaceful time.
This summer, I am planning to travel somewhere in Australia.
The weather is getting warmer everyday, while it is difficult to choose what to wear due to a sudden temp. drop.
My eyes and nose are slightly sensitive to pollen, this year.
I have planted seeds in my back garden for summer:9

Finally, it's time to sleep.

Night night.
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Hello there, inactive for a while

2016/06/07 00:27
Good evening. Time fries!!!
Next Saturday, it will have been two years since I started living in Melbourne, Australia. This would be something very special that I acheive in my life and be proud of. Basically, I was too busy to write my diary here since I started working.
Since I had posted my latest diary in 2015, of cause, my life was up and down as usual. It's a shame that I could not write about some stories worth telling. Especially from November 2015 to March 2016, there was a sudden sharp drop in my personal life. I had a very hard time. There were some struggling & difficult parts which I could have never imagined the causes before, however, with support from family & friends, I am about to get out from it.
Comparing my current life style with those of before, there was a significant change in my eating habbit. Since I changed my cooking method from western style to traditional Japanese style, I feel more stable and relaxed inside than before. Use less oil & meat, add more seasonal vegetable & fish, prepare a few different type of small dish for lunch box weekly.
I feel freer and happier, even though my life situation has not changed much.
Remember what you eat creates who you are mostly.
I realised that life is full of surprise and discovery.
Be yourself by listening voice from your heart and body.
Keep your abilities active both literary and physical strength. (My high school is traditionally well known to practice this philosopy)
Both will help to take you where you wanna go.

Have a good night :-)♪
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Moving on

2015/08/07 00:15
How have you been since last time I wrote my diary?
I have been busy as usual and many things happened.

Some of them were quite miraculous and completely changed my life.
Oh, by the way, I'm not saying I got married or I won a lottery. Not yet, so far.

I am still here in Australia and working for a small company. There is no much changes after all.
Recently, time to time, I miss my family, old friends and cats, and straggle to meet new friends in new environment or deal with my unique house mates.

There are so many stories to tell, while time is always limited. Maybe next time.

Bedtime, Good night. Wish you all Happy Friday night:)!!!
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Hi, there

2014/07/04 23:39
Hi, there.
There is a question to ask again.
Where am I now?
I don't know how many times I should ask this question in my future.

The answer is, Of course, nobody knows.

Anyway, I've arrived in Australia last month and started a new life in a house where many travelers and students are living together. So it's easy to see new people and make a friend.
I haven't visited the city center as a tourist, but I have a plan going to a botanic garden nearby this weekend. I just want to enjoy my free time and feel like I'm free from everything. I also need to do some exercises.

Because I went to a fish and chip shop with my roommate for the first time here in Australia.
It was OK. I was disappointed about the size of fish. It was a bit small.
I preferred to eat a bigger fish with less chips.
But the coating of deep fried fish was crunchy and tasty. So, No complaint.

I'm still looking for a comfortable place to stay for a while.
Oh, I ate too much and it makes me sleepy now.
Bed time, Good night!!!

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Miracle plant: GINGER

2014/04/06 19:22
It has been for a long time since I wrote last diary on this page.
I've worked so hard and ended up with getting a skin problem since last December.
What happened was, skin rush or hives appeared anywhere on my body.
I felt totally astonished.
Because this was the first time for me to experience this symptom!
I went to see a doctor and got a prescription for anti histamine tablets.
It happened before starting a travel heading to the south island.

I really hate side effects of my anti histamine tablet, because it makes me sleepy, dizzy and indeed, my brain doesn't work properly.
I have been trying to cut off the medicine for my own good.
The symptom was a vital sign and inner voice from my body, telling me "Something wrong in my body. Please slow down and take a rest."
I took a month to recognise this. I have started listening my small voice and takan care of my body when I came back from the trip from south. But I still couldn’t have found out what really causes this symptom.

I’m sure it’s not food allergy, but it might be related to digestion system and/or stomach.
The itchiness and hives starts coming out when I am hungry, before breakfast, during lunch and before dinner and bedtime, also when I feel stress and pressure.
I searched websites quite a lot, but I couldn’t find the best cure for my case.
I changed a bit of life style.
I stared having healthy food intake (Fruit & Honey) and taking more relaxing personal time.
I found a part of my past and remembered what I have forgotten, “It’s Emotions, Humanity and Confidence”.
Those were a few things I have lost for a few years due to the busiest & craziest time that I spent for supporting others and making a life better.
I don’t regret it at all.
It’s my choice and I have chosen to be so.

One day, I searched internet with keywords such as a reason of hives, good food intake method for gastritis and a meaning of hives in eastern medical science. I found out a sentence on eastern medical health website, saying that hives are a symptom for extra water toxicity, which is a body reaction of trying to remove toxic substances from body.
So, I realized I should clean and detoxic my body from inside.

According to an instruction, I had better to take positive food. Please don’t ask me what it is.
I remembered ginger and cinnamon are really good for warming up body. A man working at a shop in London mentioned it in a story of his special drink recipe for cold winter before.
I bought ginger powders and many lemons at supermarket. I have already had a lot of honey.
Then, I started drinking 4-5 cups of hot herbal tea with lemon, ginger powder and honey daily at the tme my rush was about to occur.i
It’s amazingly worked quite well!!!
I felt so sorry to my body and relieved a lot when I found a natural cure against nightmare.
I’m appreciate this opportunity that made me more self awareness and reminded me who I am.
Moreover, health is the most important matter for one’s life.
Without good health, we can’t do anything we want to be done freely.
Thanks a lot.

Now, "GINGER" is a real miracle plant to me:-)!!!
I reacknowledged anew about the power of oriental traditional medicine.
Please bear in your mind that "My special drink for cure of skin hives is Ginger powder + squeezed Lemon juice + Hot water + Honey".

The Book of Oriental Medicine: A Complete Self-Treatment Guide
Findhorn Pr
Clive Witham

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Back from south island of NZ

2014/02/01 19:47
A Happy New Year to all of you♪
What a coincidence is. Last night, it was Chinese New Year as well.
My friend was celebrating new year eve with her relatives.
Let us celebrate new moon and joyful atmosphere.

I've been having a very good time since the end of December last year so far.
Then, a week ago, straight back to work and normal life after 1 month holiday traveling south island with my friend. This trip brought me wonderful and precious experiences as well as opportunities to see fantastic and magnificent nature and stunning scenic views in NZ.
Camping was a pretty much new thing to me at the beginning of journey.
But I gained my confidence in camping after camping heavily for 4-5 days.
I used trangia to cook and drink coffee & tea.
It wasn't bad and I enjoyed it, but sometimes seemed too difficult to cope with bad weather & sand flies.
I definitely recommend these locations.
1) DOC camp site of "Moetape bay" near Picton in Marlborough sounds,
2) Mt. Cook & Lake Pukaki for stunning views,
3) Milford sounds to see fiord + wild animals (seals& dolphins),
4) Blenheim for wine testing,
5) Karamia for red rivers and big caves,
6) Fox & Franz Josef Glacier to see huge and real glaciers,
7) Pancake rocks to listen natural sounds and feel uncountable time flow and dynamic earth activities in west coast.

That's all from me, today.

Wish you all fruitful and happiness year to come!!!

Good night〜☆

AA Road Atlas New Zealand
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Automobile Association (Great Britain)
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New Zealand Handy Atlas
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Lonely Planet New Zealand
Lonely Planet
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Short break

2013/10/05 19:58
I caught a nasty cold 2 and a half weeks ago.
The first week, I suffered from sore throat, fever, runny nose.
My voice turned out to be horrible husky voice.
The second week, I felt getting better and seemed to be almost recovered.
But my throat is still very painful and occasionally coughing.
The third week, actually this week, I try to find a good medicine or drinks for cure.

I started to drink a few cups of flash basil & mint leaves with grated ginger in daytime and then flash lemon/orange juice with honey at night.

Hopefully, it does work!!!

I bought a wild flora honey labeled active 10+, which supposed to be higher antibacterial effects than normal honey, like manuka honey.
My flat mate has given me many chances to taste different types of honey.
Because she had suffered a strange cough for ages.

My favorite honey so far is HNZ(Honey New Zealand) wild flora honey active 10+ 1kg.
The honey is creamy and mild.
I felt difference on my skin, became soft and moist, next day of tasting.
I wasn't sick at the time, but I thought it's good honey.
In addition, comparing to manuka honey, the honey is quite reasonable price as well.

I tried to buy the honey at a souvenir shop, but it was out of stock.
So I bought wild flora honey active 10+ 500g of a different brand called health life.
It's just $10;)!!!

I'm not sure about the effect of this honey yet.
But I really want to recover from this nasty cold as soon as possible.
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